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Thursday, March 10, 2022

RESONATE CRU12V2A Router UPS inverter Upto 4 Hours Power Backup for wifi routers, cctv cameras , ftth, dish tv, setup box and compatible for much more with 12 volt 2 Amp in and out supply

 RouterUPS | CRU12V2A|Router UPS | Upto 4 Hours Power Backup for Wi-Fi |Modem| FTTH| ONT|ONU| CCTV| Mini UPS|Alexa| Set-top Box|Home Camera

  • Compatible with most 12V < = 2A, WiFi routers and DC devices. Certified Product : CE, RoHS,
  • Seamless WIFI during power cuts, as you work, play online games, shop, study from home. Up to 4 hours of power backup for your WIFI or ADSL router.
  • No More disconnects of VPN, WebEx, Zoom, Skype, Netflix, Any Desk during power-cuts whether it’s a minute or an hour.

  • Not Compatible : NetLink, Syrotech, Alphion 100C, 1524, BDT-121 UT-STAR ONT4842W (Please buy CRU12V2A for these models as they draw higher power though rated at 12V and <2A).

  •  Self-Check Compatibility : Please check the Router power-ratings and buy the compatible Router UPS Power ratings are usually mentioned behind the Router. For Best Performance : If your AC/DC Adapter is at 12V 0.5A please change it to 12V 2.0A for best performance.
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